Friday, 1 January 2010


Happy new year
A new year again! Is it me or are they coming round faster than ever? Is the world turning faster and everything speeding up or is it just yet another sign that I'm getting older. Oh well looking back never did anyone any good, ask my eldest daughter for when she was young she was always more interested in what was behind rather than in front, and on more than one occasion suffered concusion from colliding with a lamppost or some other unmovable object.
New years are exciting, they are like a new start, a clean slate, a chance to put the past behind us. New years bring resolutions to loose weight, to get a better job, to move house, to find true love or the biggie to win the lottery.
We have become a society of the dissatisfied. Be grateful for what you have, friends and family for all their faults, a roof over your head unlike the homeless. If you have a job be grateful many hundreds of thousands of us have been made redundant in the last year. If like me you've lost your job and have to endure the fortnightly humiliation of the "job centre" think of this as a character building exercise and make the most of the time you now have available. Do volunteer work, spend more quality time with the family, do all those jobs you never had time for....
Sorry I'm rambling or preaching depending on your view. My new year resolution this year....I don't have one for once I'm just going to take it as it comes

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