Saturday, 23 January 2010


Am so excited we have finally booked a canal boating holiday. 10 days in June on a narrowboat, now all I have to do is find a doggie lifejacket for my precious pooch.
Meanwhile I'm finally getting on with some doggie coats to put on Etsy, this is one I made for Daisy and I made another for her best friend Flora. We always get loads of lovely comments when we're out so I thought I'd try selling them. Now have 5 different colours so we'll see how it goes (yes daisy has one of each..)

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Sue Hall said...

Hi there Pene,
Just stumbled on your blog and would have e mailed but can't find an addy . Great photo of Arran - ah memories -my dog is called Arran - also have new doggy called Jura !
We too are going canal boating this year .
Sue x