Saturday, 20 March 2010

Village spring fair

Today was our village horticultural spring fair, and as we'd all been asked at the rural (WI) meeting on wednesday to show our support I decided for once to enter a couple of items. Well in the end I managed 4 items for the craft section, and I was bowled over...
First for Daisys coat..

First for my patchwork cushion..

Second for my crossstitch cat (that I did about 20yrs ago and has sat in a cupboard for the last 10?)..

And finally another second for my scrapbook of Daisys first year...

OMG I am amazed...especially as our village is "the craft village in scotland", they've won loads of national awards etc and the village has loads of very talented "crafters"!!!!

But enough of this bathing in my success, I now have to get on with posting items on ebay. It's free listing this weekend and I've been sorting stuff for weeks to sell but not got round to listing them. It might take a while.....

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