Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Volcano has erupted Again

Oh all those sad holiday makers that can't get away because the skys are closed again. Okay so I don't feel that sorry for them! Sitting out in Gillians garden having a cup of coffee this morning was bliss, lovely and sunny, clear blue skies with no little trails of exhaust fumes to polute the planet. Almost heaven and then I had to return home to the hell that is developing with this renovation work...
Work commenced on Monday morning bright and early (abit too early as I'd only managed half a cup of coffee before Jim arrived!). Then about two hours later it ground to a HALT.. We found WOODWORM in the new oak door standards, so back to the mill they went and we were told we'd have to wait till middle/end of next week for replacements grrrrr...So work has ceased for the time being.
Anyway at least I now have time to finish all the decorating, and sand/varnish all the new doors aren't I lucky.
Daisy goes to the vet for her Lady Op tomorrow so might have to take a break from the work and go and have some retail therapy to distract me from worrying. Anyway have to buy a new outfit for the "Job interview" next week. There has to be something wrong with this job as it's everything I was looking for inc close to home (less than 10 mins in car) variety and decent money? I can't be that lucky.

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