Sunday, 6 June 2010

Its nearly all over

I am sitting here in my lounge with no carpets, on my sofa which now needs replacing and for the first time in weeks if not months I feel calm. No lists running through my head of things still to do, random things I need to get. No timetable in order to make sure it's all done. Peace...

Don't get me wrong there still are "things" to do but tomorrow is the last day the carpenters here. Then all the woodwork will be done and maybe then I can FINALLY get the dust under control.
Maybe then I'll be able to make the last (3rd) roman blind for the guest bedroom as the bay window looks silly with just two. And of course at least I have my holiday to look forward to, only two weeks and a day to go and I can't wait....

Daisys getting excited as well, does it show?

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