Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I have been so excited awaiting the arrival of my Cricut. And then yesterday it finally came. I literally danced down the path to meet a very demused postman. I unpacked it looking lovingly at every little bit as I carefully took it out of the box. Already my head was buzzing with ideas, all the thing I could make.
Having read the instruction manual cover to cover I decided it was time to start. Lets get it set up and plugged in...............................
What moron at Ideal world put a USA plug on an appliance for the UK.
I got straight on the phone to their "customer service dept" only to be told I would have to return the whole lot and wait for a replacement!!! As the item sold out god knows how long I'll have to wait grrrr..

So how unhappy am I!!!!!

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Mandy said...

Sorry to hear about your problem with the cricut, hope it gets sorted quickly for you...Thank you for your visit and lovely comment...
Mandy xx