Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Exhausted but happy

I have finally finished the "good idea" and am very pleased
The back bedroom looks lovely. I am going to have it all white and red although the walls at the mo are cream (super maggie) and don't look too bad, I'll paint them when I get a chance
Then my craft room

Still needs a bit of sorting out 
(I've taken these pics so you can't see the pile of boxes hidden in the window bay)

Am now completely shattered but very happy,
Can't wait to start crafting again.....


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...


michelle said...

I want your craft room!!! haha

Mine is soooo higgledy piggledy and its part of my bedroom:(

Never mind, one day!!
Michelle x

Amanda said...

Crikey Pene! They are gorgeous! I could just crawl into that spare room and bury myself under the covers! Good work, my dear! Do you do B & B? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Amy said...

Your craft room looks great! I've only just found your blog as I think I may have been going to an old one of yours that's blank. Glad I've found this one xxx