Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Why is it when ever you go away, when you come home again your shattered?
Well I got home Saturday night and can honestly say it's taken me two days to recover. I'd forgotten how tiring grandchildren can be, and with three between 4 and 7 I had my hands full. Anyway I enjoyed seeing them all but am glad to be home now.

Today was Daisys trip to the groomers for her wash and cut. I'll take some pics tomorrow cos she's now tucked up in her bed asleep.

Anyway this morning before I took her out I happened to be channel hopping when I landed on Ideal World and their Pick of the Day was a Cricut Expression... drool drool. I saw one being demonstrated a couple of years ago and have lusted after one ever since. Well G arrived home whilst I has slobbering over the telly AND HE'S BOUGHT ME ONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!
I am truely blessed.....

Will now be stalking the postman until it arrives..

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