Saturday, 16 October 2010

It's a bunting light !?

Am once again up to my eyes in housework ready for more visitor tomorrow. This time it's my parents and as I haven't seen them for a few month it's not such a chore and I'm actually looking forward to it. Anyway as I've stopped for a cuppa (and the last slice of birthday cake) I thought I'd catch up on some blogs.
I love looking at blogs especially those of people who craft as it's always facinating to see what other people are doing. Today somehow I came across this lady Kirsty her blog is called You had me at bonjour.
What attracted my attention was this incredible lampshade

And she even tells you exactly how she made it!
Browsing through her older posts I found she's a very talented quilter so well worth a look.
Oh well better get back to my duster as Strictly starts in about 45 mins and tonight it's the quickstep and the rumba!! This is from a woman who has trouble cotrolling her feet when she walks, so when dancing I'm a complete liability...



VintageVicki said...

The light is very clever - such a simple but effective idea.

Looking forward to SCD here too - Ann doing a Quickstep has got to be seen!!

Amy said...

Hiya Pene, I've priced the set individually incase people just wanted one trio for a gift or wanted to add to an existing collection.I've priced the trios at £3.50 each and then the jugs/sugar bowls/large plate around £3/£4 each. Just let me know if there are any bits you were interested in x

Kandi said...

Oohh you should come to the next Newcastle one in Feb/March 2011 I will meet you and help you spend lots of money:)
Kandi x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Really clever - I love it!

Who are you wanting to do well in strictly? I keep voting for Gav!

Dazie said...

What a fabulous idea with the lamp shade I think I am going to go have a looksee and her blog!

Enjoy strictly!


Jenevieve said...

The light is so pretty! WHat a great idea! :) x