Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A blog award !!

Don't believe it I've been passed a versatile blog award by Annie ! So the rules for the award are that you should link to the person who awarded to me and share 7 interesting facts about myself ! Mmmm thats hard??
Okay lets start
1.I got married at 18 to my first husband, and by first I don't mean best!! That lasted about 13yrs and we had 3 wonderful children. We he finally left I had a few ???? and then met G through a personal ad in the paper (before internet dating). We've been together nearly 16yrs now although have never done the deed (got wed) 
G at our sons wedding last year..
2.In my previous married life I kept and bred haflinger horses. Unfortunately when the ex husband left the horses had to as well as I couldn't afford to keep them all. It broke my heart to part with them as most had either been bred by me or I'd bought them as foals. Such beautiful animals
I feel quiet sad thinking about them now..
3.Anyway onto the next thing I admit it I love the tv and could not survive without my sky plus. I'm afraid I hate soaps, G is addicted to Emmerdale but I'm quiet happy when his shifts mean he's not home in the evenings so I don't have to watch it. My favourite channels would be Scifi, Fx and Sky One. Love Regenisis, Fringe, Supernatural, A town called Eureka, Spooks, House, NCIS and am looking forward to the new Scifi prog " Haven" that starts tomorrow.
He looks worth a watch!!
4.In case anyone doesn't know it I adore my little westie Daisy. It took me 14yrs to persuade G to let me have a dog as I'd always had dogs previously but he wasn't a dog person. Anyway once I got her it didn't take long for G to fall under her spell and he's now equally besotted with her. I think she's extra special as when we'd had her only two weeks we took her down to the vets for her jabs and found out she'd got a level 6 heart defect ( a PDA). Resulting in her having to undergo major surgery at only 12wks old weighing just 1.1kg.
Daisys first day in her new home

Daisy home from intensive care
Thankfully the operation was a success and she should be with us for many years to come..
5. Gosh this is getting hard, what next oh yes I love the sea. We are so lucky living were we do as I can see the sea out of all the front windows. Me and Daisy love our morning walks on the beach, watching the seals basking on the rocks out in the water. It's so peaceful down there and the views of Arran, Ailsa Craig and both Cumbraes make it worthwhile.
6. Oh yes I have a castle at the bottom of my garden!! How many people can say that. In fact it's one of the things that sold us sorry me on this house. Ten years ago I moved from living in a castle not far from here to the midlands as G had been offered his dream job. So when his job bought him back up here it seemed like fate when I found this house.

Law Castle West Kilbride
7. Okay final thing as I've sort of mentioned it above, I used to live in a castle in fact this castle
This is Culzean Castle and it belongs to the NTS. I worked for the trust for 4 yrs and for the last 2.5yrs I was the Deputy General Manager at Culzean. which meant that I got to live here rent free as part of my job. Great hey...
Gosh I'm exhausted after all that and now I have to pass the award on so I'd like to pass it to two people
Emma Kate over at Land of Emma
Amy over at Blighty Boutique
I think I now need a lie down to recover.
Will draw the giveaway later tonight



Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Fascinating answers. Daisy is adorable.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Bloomin eck! You are so interesting - 2 castles, seals basking on the beach, horse breeder! WOW!

I have been oohing nd arring at the pictures oh daisy as a baby - what a poorly little dot she looks - so glad she recovered well!

Amanda said...

Cor! That was all good stuff! What an interesting life you've lived! Hope your house is now sparkling, ready for your MIL! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Kandi said...

Great to hear more about you, I visited Culzean (sp?) Castle a few times, I have stopped over in Stranraer and Cairnryan to go fishing with my hubbie a few times, beautiful part of the world. I fell in love with Portpatrick when I was there big time.
Kandi x

Emma Kate said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me :) made me very happy. Living in a castle is awesome!!!
OOOOOO I have to say this is the first draw that I am truly excited about I have my fingers and toes crossed xxxx

Amy said...

Thanks Pene! Living in a castle, wow! Poor little daisy,she was so tiny x

Alijane said...

I've been to Culzean Castle, beautiful place, it was nearly 20 years ago but I remember it well!

You sound as though you have lead a very interesting life Pene.

The horses looked fabulous.


Dazie said...

Now we all know a little bit more about you! Daisy is a sweet heart those pics are so sweet!

So sad to hear you had to say goodbye to your gorgeous horses, living in a castle must have been amazing!

What is it with men and emmerdale? I know a few who love this programme!
Give me ncis (which is starting again this month) any day or A town called eureka I love it!

Catch you soon