Saturday, 30 October 2010

Heres one I made earlier!

Have now recovered from yesterdays expedition and unpacked my bag of goodies. I won't bore you with all my buys but here are my highlights
A little pair of pink snips to get into all those tight spaces, a snip at £1
Couldn't resist these little cow bells they are already corded as phone charms but at 50p ea I just had to have

I've signed up for a beading class that starts in a couple of weeks and loved these blues and purple (camera didn't do them justice). Big bag size 8 seed beads £1.50 and the string of 4mm chrystals £1.25

Oh buttons, I love buttons and these are gorgeous. They had hundreds of different ones and I could have spent a fortune but resisted and just bought the six (3 for £1)       

Then of course the little white dog die cuts, now us westie owners know that this is actually the shape of a scottie not a westie but I'll let them off..

You know what it's like at these fairs it's so easy to spend a fortune, and in the past it's not unknown for me to come home with more bags than I can carry and a credit card debt that'll take months to clear. So I was quite pleased as I spent less than £50 on "stuff" and that inc my ticket and lunch!!

Today has been another wet and windy one so haven't done much but did do more felt stuff. Made a couple of little lavender hearts with felt, buttons, velvet ribbon and some scraps of cath kidston

But I'd better go now as daisy is making more mess than a 2yr old

Sorry was working on this last night when my internet crashed grrrrrrrrrrrr but it seems to be okay now so here we go



Jenevieve said...

Lovely goodies! I love the wooden buttons, they are so pretty! The felt hearts are pretty too! Hope your internet keeps working, ours crashed last night too, think it was the heavy rain and high winds! Have a good weekend! :) x

Amanda said...

Hi Pene! Glad you had a good time! Great bits and bobs, but most of all I love your felt hearts! Beautiful! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Amy said...

haha, Lily is as messy as Daisy. Love the lavender hearts x

Ali said...

Some lovely buys there - how cute are those cows xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

My lounge looks the same within 10 minutes of a tidy up - the dogs empty their toy baskets all over the place!

Love the CK style hearts, gorgeous!

Dazie said...

Hehehehe look at all those toys!!! Pinky is the same!

I adore the cow bells and love those hearts!

Kandi said...

Some great bits there I love the beads it is very addictive sitting making stuff with beads. Your hearts are lovely, I need to get making more lavender hearts.
Kandi x