Friday, 8 October 2010


Today I have acheived absolutely nothing as the MIL is here!!
It's very frustrating.
To the mystery winners I promise I will finish your prizes this weekend (I hope!) and pop all prizes in the post on Monday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I'll be happy if I manage to acheive ANYTHING!!

Oh any ebayers out there it's free listings this weekend so am hoping to list all my cards if I get time !!



Kandi said...

Thanks for the heads up, I have been meaning to list on ebay for a while to boost the Christmas funds, thanks!
Love your cat picture!
Kandi x

Amanda said...

Oh boy...I hope your MIL doesn't read your blog! Not to'll soon be back to normal! Lots of love Chickadee! Amanda xxx

Dazie said...

I thought ooo what a cute cat picture then looked closer to see the funny face on the puddy cat! hehehehehe Made me laugh out loud!

Have a good weekend

Kandi said...

Me again ~ thanks so very much for my lovely gift I was delighted with it, I opened the doggy last and he is totally adorable!! I couldn't read you address it rubbed off the bag please email me and let me send you a thank you.
Kandi xx