Thursday, 14 October 2010

Todays the day

When I came downstairs this morning I had a surprise..

who forgets their own birthday? eh Me!
I think it was because G had already bought me my Cricut which I got a few weeks ago so I really wasn't expecting anything, but this is what I got from my lovely Daisy and Fudge

Lovely Robbie, Twilight dvd and loads of Green and Black yum yum

I rewarded Daisy for her excellent choice in presents by taking her to visit Melissa (her groomer). Daisy always gets so excited when she works out where we are going, she loves Melissa and melissas dogs one of whom also happens to be a Daisy.. Well now she's all clean again and smells just like a baby..

G then took me out for lunch before he went to work and I now have the whole evening to myself to do what I like.....craft maybe?



Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Pene! Hope you've got something good lined up for tonight! It seems wrong that I got such a lovely parcel from you on your birthday! Should be the other way round...though I did post your PIF today so hopefully you'll have something to open soon! Lots of love and thanks again for my treats!
Amanda xxx

Emma Kate said...

Have a fantastic night Pene. Just relaxing with craft and tea? sounds like a completely blissful night x

Jenevieve said...

Happy Birthday! Green and Blacks, yumm! :) x

Cheap2Chic said...

Happy Birthday!

Daisy looks beautiful. I had to cancel Pebbles' cut and blow dry this week because she is going to see a vetinary dermatologist (cue bank loan) and he wants to see her in all her glory if you know what I mean.

VintageVicki said...

Happy Birthday :) from the looks of those pressies you'll be having a great evening :)

Kandi said...

Happy Birthday Honey! Wish I had known sooner, I need a list of blog ladies birthdays, I must note them all down. That chocolate looks wonderful ~ promise not to share it. :)
Kandi xx

winnibriggs said...

Happy Birthday Pene, though a bit late. Your doggie gifts were awesome, they look so beautifully made. Your own little one looks gorgeous too all beautified.

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Many happy returns, sorry I'm a bit late (worked late shift yesterday) hope you had a lovely evening with Daisy. xxx

Amy said...

What nice birthday goodies! Glad you liked the charms and badges x

Dazie said...

Belated happy birthday from me! I am loving all the chocolate!

Daisy looks stunning (she always does of course) Pinky always looks and smells fab after she has been to the groomers, it doesn't last long tho!