Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Working on the WIP

I have actualy had quite a productive day today. I decided as it was so horrible outside that I'd stay in and tackle the WIP.
  1. Well I managed to finish a bag (all it needed was the handles attaching but you know what it's like)
  2. Then I finished 5 doggie coats (all they needed was the straps and velcro attaching!) ready to put on etsy
  3. Cut out the fleece to line 4 more doggie coats (more for etsy)
  4. Finished sewing 12 tissue cases for stocking fillers etc.
  5. Started doing sometrhing with those felt hearts I cut out the other day.
Normally I would add loads of photos to show what I've done but as today was so grey, by the time I stopped the light was awful for taking pics but will add tommorrow.
Tonight Daisy went to see George (our normal vet), he has a soft spot for her as he was the one who diagnosed her PDA (heart defect) when she was only 8wks old. He says her paw is coming on slowly although it will be weeks ,maybe even months before she's back to normal. Daisy was very relieved with the news as she's missing the beach. I told her she'd have to stop lounging on the sofa stealing my bickies!!

Anyway I didn't just craft today and whilst surfing today I found these wallpapers
Dressing up wallpaper

Kissing Birds Wallpaper
They are both from famille summerbelle and are made to order in the UK
They also have some very unusual maps but can't take the credit for finding them as Kirsty over at You had me at Bonjour put me onto them.

Oh well better go the dog wants out, the cat wants in and I want chocolate!! Pity we can't always have what we want....



Sea Angels said...

Gorgeous wallpapers fabulous discovery.. I love the one with the owls on...
Hugs Lynn xxx

Ali said...

You have been a busy bee!! loving those wallpapers as well you deserve chocolate after all that hard work xx

fabriquefantastique said...

I like the wall paper with the clothes ( well, I would) just a little bit in a cupboard would be grand.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Flippin eck! How busy have you been Mrs? Don't forget to put a link to your doggie coats so we can have a peep!

The wallpaper is gorgeous - I wou;d line my drawers with it!

Glad Daisy is feeling a bit better!