Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bad, bad, bad, good, good

Am having a really bad day. 
I have lost any creativity I might have had and am completely at as loss what to do. It's 10 days till the craft fair and I've ground to a halt.
I've got a paper cut on my thumb which is just about driving me to tears.
My laptop is knackered and the internet keeps dropping out!!!
God that sound pathetic....

On a plus I went to ikea today and bought "stuff"
And Cath Kidston has 15% off today



fabriquefantastique said...

Sympathize....I'm trying to change my banner and avi on my blog and etsy....feel like throwing the computer out of the window...Grrr

Betty said...

Retail therapy! good. It must be very stressy to make stuff for a deadline - the things I have seen on your blog are really good - maybe you should go with a theme - a pet christmas with your collars - toys for dogs and cats etc???

Ali said...

Hope your mojo is back real soon - maybe its gone looking for mine - aargh!!

Pink Milk said...

Oh poor you. However, it's best to give up on a bad day and not even try to make anything. So speaks Mrs-not-achieved-a-bloody-thing-today-either! You did right in indulging in a little Ikea therapy.

Don't panic, your mojo will return.