Monday, 1 November 2010

November/ Already!

Had a very mixed weekend. It was
Manic- haloween party on saturday
Painful- hangover sunday morn
Quiet- sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa
Entertaining- catching up on saturdays SCD and X factor
Frustrating- x factor results sunday night, when is wagner going to get the boot!
But most of all VERY ANNOYING- Internet was down on and off for all but a couple of hours all weekend GRRRRR.

But the weekends over and now its NOVEMBER? Help I can feel a C panic coming on! It's not helped by the fact that Thursday I'm off down south for a week to visit, parents, kids, grandkids,QVC..
Sorry don't know how that slipped in hehe, one thing I love about going down to see them all is the fact theres a QVC excess/returns shop in shrewsbury. It's completely brill as you can pick up stuff at a fraction of the QVC TV price. Also need a trip to dunelm and a few (okay alot) of charity shops.
I'm now trying to sort out craft supplies so I can get on with some swap stuff whilst I'm away. The deadlines are approaching, not that I can actually remember any of the dates things are supposed to be finished by?
Okay I need to get organised and make some lists of thing to complete/occuring before xmas..

 okay first things first large glass of wine...



Em said...

Hehe theres nothing wrong with Wagner, Louis Walsh just needs to give him a decent song to sing instead of turning him into a the joke figure he's fast becoming!
Em xxxxxx

Amy said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as a QVC shop...mind you I better steer well clear. QVC have have a way of making even the most useless objects seem brilliant. I'd probably come back with a chocolate tea pot and some 'versatile' 5 way sarong x

Betty said...

I just saw your lovely dog collar on felt fairy's blog - absolutely beautiful - I would never have thought ribbon could be used so well!