Monday, 15 November 2010

What have I let myself in for!!

Sorry I haven't been very talkative but am snowed under at the moment. Have been saying to my friend Gillian for a while that I need to look for some craft fairs in order to actually make some money. She came round last week with details of a monthly fair that's only about 20mins from my house. I know its very popular and when I looked into it found they were almost fully booked for next year  already.Well nothing ventured, nothing gained so I sent of fall my details thinking I'd maybe get a couple of bookings for 2011.
Well a couple of days later I got an email saying I'd been accepted and they have a cancellation for DEC 2010 argh!!! What a dilema, I haven't got anywhere near enough stuff done but a christmas fair!!!
Well I have accepted the booking, it's all paid for and now I'm working my soxs off trying to make enough bits so as to put on a good show..

Thankfully I have nearly finished the stuff for my advent swap, and my secret santa is under control. Just the xmas dec to do.

Okay back to my work room I have 4 doggies to finish before I go to bed..



Amy said...

Good luck with the fair! I'm sure you will get lots made and anyway, it's quality not quantity, and going by Lily's collar your makes are excellent quality! x

Emma Kate said...

Oh I totally empathise with you. I am the same. I have only just wrapped my advent swap to send to the USA, I have so many plans and agree to so much. Hope it doesn't get too stressful and you enjoy it all x

VintageVicki said...

Amazing how a tight deadline can kick your productivity into line!!

Good luck with the fair :)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Fantastic! You will do really well - your stuff is gorgeous!

Kandi said...

Scary, but exciting! Just think of all the pennes that this will generate right before Christmas :)
Kandi x

Jenevieve said...

Hope the fair goes well, still have more to do for my Secret Santa, not been so organised with this one! :) x

Dazie said...

ooo how exciting and I wish you all the best with it! I am pretty sure they will love you and your goodies!


emma bear forever said...

Good luck with the fair ~ sounds very exciting. It will be worth not eating or sleeping for a few days x

Amy said...

Lily's cushion was from Windsor Castle. It's not really hers of course but she thinks it is and also has the same idea about my new candlewick bedspread x