Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent day 2

Yes look what I got today
A CK keyring, how lucky am I!!! Thanks Alison

Daisy has now reached the stage that she's wearing her coat every time she goes out, not cos she's cold just to prove that a month sitting on the sofa stealing my biscuits hasn't caused her expanding waistband.  
She had 4 coats last year and this is the only one that even goes near her now, am in the middle of making her a lovely new one but it's had to take a back seat till the craft fair is over.

Have finished sewing for the fair, total items made
This includes
11 dogs
37 christmas decs
5 stockings
2 Cushions
4 dog coats
8 collars
11 lavender bags
10 tissue cases
4 bags
13 fabric boxes
8 cafetiere cozis
10 takeaway coffee cozis
4 pot holders
2 applique scarfs
14 broochs

and a partridge in a pear tree ta da......

tomorrow will be spent checking, pricing, packing and ensuring I have everything required for displaying, oh yes better go to bank and get some change just in case anyone wants to buy something haha..


Amanda said...

Daisy looks beautiful in her coat! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Amy said...

she looks so cute. Green really suits her x

Em said...

Wow haven't you been busy!!!
Daisy looks adorable in her little coat.
Em xxx

crafting uk mum said...

wow you have been busy, lovely picture of your doggie!

VintageVicki said...

You have been very busy.

I can understand Daisy's coat crisis - am sure they shrink in the cupboard during the summer ;)