Saturday, 22 January 2011

Normal service has been resumed

Sorry have been missing from action due to an internet failure!!
Wednesday evening I tried to log on only to find nothing..
Thursday phoned BT... 
they ran some tests and said it was my router, so after agreeing to another 12 month contract (with discount), they agreed to send out a home hub for me..

Friday I eagerly awaited the postman...
 the hub arrived and we rushed to plug it in so I could get back on line NOTHING!!

Another call to BT!!
 They repeated ALL their tests and 2hrs later decided I needed an engineer!!
Saturday just sit down to lunch and the engineer rings, he'll be here in 5 mins...
he obviously doesn't know this area and arrived 30mins later having detoured through a farm and heavens know where else!
Yes there definately was a problem but wasn't sure what? So he disappeared to "the exchange"!!

Well walking passed bedroom an hour and a half later I noticed ...
the broadband light was on!! Yipee it's now working and not only that but it's wifi so I can surf from bed now..
Thank you BT


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love wifi! You are going to have a ball darling! And you absence was notice - glad you are back!!

Kandi said...

Yay, welcome back! What did we ever do without the internet??
Kandi x

emma bear forever said...

Good to have you back :0)
It's lovely to be able to blog hop whilst lounging in bed x

Emma Kate said...

Hello Pene, If I am honest I didn't notice you were gone as I have been nowhere near blogland for an age. Glad you are surfing free now though :) Does this mean we are going to see lots of duvet pics ;)