Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shopping Success !!

Some days you go shopping and you might as well have stayed in bed, then others are filled with wonderful finds.
Find 1, a cake stand from homebase of all places £5.99 bargain
Find 2, a lovely "wish you were here" cushion from  Primark £1 !! How could I not buy it
Then when I got to the till Find 3, a roll of lovely UJ wrapping paper, 6m for £1.  So pretty I couldn't resist..

Find 4, I have been looking for hair clips to decorate for my grandaughters for easter and in poundland I found this pack of 30 for.. you guessed it a pound!! They actually do a coloured pack as well but as I'm going to cover then I thought I'd just go for these.
Then we went to Tesco for the weekly shop and I picked up a couple of christmas pressies to go in the cupboard. Find 5, a "santa comes once a year tie" (can't think why they have any of these left lol) £1 and Find 6, 2prs of christmas soxs £1. Think they fall in the under a fiver rule.
Don't you just love a successful day shopping!!

Well this week G is on holiday so apart from taking Daisy for long walks on the beach it has been quiet. I have managed to do some beading (surprise, surprise)
This is the necklace I made at beading on Monday night..
Then I made a bracelet, same pattern but looks totally different..
And now I'm just finishing off another bracelet, this photo doesn't do it justice as it has gorgeous bright red glass beads in the centre of each stich.

Okay off to try and fold my new popup photo tent which arrived after I'd taken these pics, I popped it out but haven't got a clue how to unpop it??


Jenevieve said...

Well done on your great finds! The cake stand looks great, and so cheap! I love your jewellery, the beading looks fantastic, I really like the stitch you used for the black one, so effective! Looking forward to seeing photos using your new tent! :) x

clare said...

Great finds hun...ive got that cake stand in red...i couldn't beleive my luck when i found it at our local homebase store!

OMG..i must take a trip to primark at the weekend..tht little cushion is gorgeous..and for a pound..what a bargain!loving the UJ wrapping paper too!

Your makes are all gorgeous..well done!
Hugs Clare@weekend crafter xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I've got that cakestand! Wonderful finds and love your jewellery.

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh Oh I need to shop with you, that cushion is fab. As for the beading, beautiful...

Debby said...

I saw your comment on Dotty Red. Love your blog. That doggie is such a cutie. COme visit me at Cozy Blanket.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi there
Just found you via Claire at 'Are we nearly there yet'. Love your shopping bargains, especially the cushion and the wrapping paper, although the rest of it is pretty good too. Also love the beading, is it hard? That first necklace looks stunning.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love it all! The cushion is gorgeous though - my Amy has some make-up bags similar!

Dazie said...

more lovely makes I haven't worn my bracelet yet I am waiting for warmer weather so I can show it off.

I love your finds! Specially the cake stand its gorgeous!