Saturday, 4 June 2011

Today I feel lucky

Gosh doesn't time fly!!
 I meant to do this post last saturday but what with one thing and another never quiet got there. So here we are a week later.

First I want to say a massive thanks to Annie the felt fairy. I was lucky enough to win one of the prizes in her giveaway a couple of weeks ago and last saturday this arrived

Annie knows that in my book you can never have too much ribbon, so I was thrilled with the mountain she sent me and have already earmarked some to make more dog collars.
Annie is a very special bloggy friend as she was my very first follower a year ago and is hysterically funny. Anyone who hasn't read her blog should pop over here and read her post about spoons!! G thought I was mad as I was laughing so much I was crying when I read it.
I would just like to say thank you Annie you make life a bit brighter x x

Well for the last few days we have actually had gorgeous sunshine up north here. As you all know I normally take Daisy to the beach for her walks and I've shown loads of pics of it, but we also walk up the hill behind our house. So the other day I took these
From the hill looking across to Huterston and Cumbrae

Looking across to Ailsa Craig (dot on the horizon)

Looking towards Arran

Daisy hiding in the long grass

Another shot towards Arran

 Oh and took this one this morning, this is Law Castle which is actually right behind my house (Arran in the distance)!

As if I wasn't lucky enough winning Annies giveaway today I found out I've also won Rosies
giveaway which was for one of her lovely glasses cases!! Perfect for my new Radley glasses that I collected this week. And no I didn't just pick the Radley frames because they have a little westie shape dog on them!! Okay okay yes I did!!

So all in all I feel so lucky living where I do and having such lovely bloggy friends x

Hope your all having a lovely weekend and the sun is shining on you all



Stefy said...

Well, lucky you. I'm happy for you.

fabriquefantastique said...

Looks like you are om a roll, maybe you should buy a lottery ticket.

Dazie said...

You got radley glasses I want some too!!!!

Wow you are one lucky lady, but you total deserve it! Gorgeous goodies indeed!

catch you soon hun seems like we are all soooo busy at the mo!

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

can't wait to see what the dog collars look like. Love to Daisy x

Jenevieve said...

Lovely photos! Arran is one of the islands I've never been too, but always mean to visit one day, you have great views over the sea! Annie sent you a lovely package, looking forward to seeing what you do with all that lovely ribbon! Have a good week! :) x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Glad you liked your things darling. And you won a fab glasses case too - how fab. I have to admit I would have chosen the frames for the dog too!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it is really appreciated! Love Annie xx

Betty said...

A lovely selection of goodies and gone to a good home as you will make some lovely stuff I am sure.

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

What a lovely package from Annie, love the little mouse :) xx

famfa said...

Beautiful photos. Looks idyllic.