Wednesday, 13 July 2011

And the winner is......

Okay the deadline was midnight  and to honour the occasion I have got out my National Trust Hidcote pot
Filled it with the names of the 143 comments
 And the winner is

Please email me with your address and I'll get your goodies in the post.
It's really nice cos Sharon is a new follower so just proves everyone has a chance.

Okay so now that's out of the way I'm catching up on other things including swaps. I signed up for two recently the first being Lala's magic ball swap, which I was paired up with the gorgeous Kandi.
Today I received my parcel from her

these balls came up bigger than expected so I was waiting for Kandi to send me mine so I could use the box to send her back hers lol. I know but I couldn't find a box big enough!!
Anyway I'm not unraveling mine until I know hers has arrived so I'll be popping it in the post tomorrow as I'm already itching to see what I have, it smell wonderful!!
The second swap I'm signed up for is the Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping swap and I'm paired with Angela, everything is ready to go, all wrapped and packed so that's another one for the post tomorrow.
Gosh I'm getting organised here!!
Next up Daisy desperately needs a haircut as she's suffering with the warm weather
So Daisy that means tomorrow is bath day
No point shaking your head!!

Oh before I go can I say a massive big thank you to you all for entering my little (?) giveaway, I've loved reading all your comments. Special thanks to Gill who was actually able to tell me the calorie content of a large glass of wine, I managed to wangle one into my calorie allowance last night thanks.

Maybe now I can start the patchwork quilt that needs to be finished for the Ayr Flower Show in three weeks!! No pressure!!


Dazie said...

Well done to the winner! Cant wait to see Daisy's pics!

gill said...

Congratulations Sharon!!

Kandi said...

Yay, Congrats to Sharon!!
Glad your ball arrived, I'm looking forward to getting my box back lol
Kandi x

Sandie said...

Welldone on the giveaway and swaps!
Sounds like you have a busy day tomorrow.
Congrats to the giveaway winner!

Sandie xx

Betty said...

Lovely that someone new to blogging has won your giveaway, will take a look at her blog. Hope Daisy enjoys her spa day.

Jenevieve said...

Congratutlations to Sharon, she's so very lucky! Looking forward to some more Daisy photos! :) x

Anonymous said...

I have sent you an email. Just wanted to say publicly just how over the moon i am to have won!!! I cant stop telling people!
It has spurred me on to actually start my blog now! I have managed to do a link to your's on there too!
Thank you once again! And good look with the bath time fun!!!