Sunday, 10 July 2011

Giveaway update day 6

Well we're up to day 6 now with just a couple more days before the giveaway closes.
I've been busy today out in the garden so haven't spent anytime in my craft room to look for more goodies but I did find these yesterday so am adding them to the growing pile!!
2 packs of brads!!
I know not everyone sews so think it's only fair to add supplies for other crafts.
I will have a hunt around tomorrow and see what else I've got stashed away for you.

On a different note I've just broken the 100 follower mark yay!! So thank you all for joining me and reading the drivel I write.
Yesterday I actually managed to get round to putting some more items onto my ETSY shop, mainly cushions and some teacup pincushions.
I have loads still to add but think I'll just do a few bits at a time but I'll keep you posted.


Dazie said...

Good afternoon, it was gorgeous sunny weather here today so been out enjoying it just like you!

I am off to have a look at your store now, I really shouldnt lol

Have a great evening


mad about bags said...

this is a fab giveaway pene, well done for breaking the 100 follower mark.
i really need to add some things to my online shops like you have done note to self must make time!!!
hope you've had a lovely weekend
tracy x

Miss Pixie said...

Well done on the 100 followers! :)

Ali said...

Error 503 has come up so not sure if my last comment registered but just to say thank you xx

Dinki Dots said...

Those brads are great! :o)

gill said...

I've been busy in the garden too!
I've been given a gorgeous Hydrangea Paniculata and I'm trying to decide where to put it!

VintageVicki said...

Hello - all looking fabbo :)

(I know I've missed a couple of days but if you look at my blog you'll see my excuse!!)

Caroline said...

Hello, we had a lovely day today, even managed to have brunch in the garden with hubby (something I have never done)
By the way I LOVE brads!!!

Jenevieve said...

You really are making this an amazing giveaway Pene! So many lovely things are being put into it. Congratulations on breaking the 100 followers mark! :) x

monica said...

woooooow....kisses...from italy

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations on the 100 followers :)

M-J said...

Oh those are lovely wee brads!

The undomesticated scientist said...

Cool beads