Thursday, 22 December 2011

And then he had to wrap them!

So now he'd bought the presents he just had to wrap them another excercise that causes excessive moaning and groaning. I armed him with a roll of wrapping paper (it's easier to buy him a roll of his own or he just helps himself to anything in my craft room which a few years ago meant some lovely hand printed paper that had cost me a fortune and I was intending on framing!!), sellotape and a pair of PAPER scissors (rather than my best fabric scissors that I caught him using last year!).
I then left him to it and headed off to Tesco's to do my last minute food shop. Needless to say the shops were mobbed! It always amazes me how much food people buy at this time of year, you see them loading their trolleys like demons, anyone would think that the shops would be shut for a month not just one day! But maybe I'm being harsh and they all have massive families visiting for weeks?
 As there is only going to be me and G this year my shop was no bigger than normal although it did include a couple of item for the new years eve party we're having. But it had still taken me nearly 3hrs by the time I got home.
I'm begining to think he must have bought me hundreds of pressies cos sure enough he was still up there wrapping? I could hear him cursing through the door!
And apparently I'm never to want anything round again as they're hard to wrap lol like we didn't know that, that's why they invented gift bags!!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Laughing a lot. Sorry! My partner spent one and a half hours writing his Xmas cards - a total of FOUR!

Dazie said...

hehehehehe these posts have made me laugh! My hubby however asked me as he went out the door this morning what I wanted for Christmas and if I didnt tell him then there would be nothing under the tree for me! I have been hinting for months and remind hinting of the things that I would like, I give up!!!

I look forward to hearing all about the things he has bought you

bellaboo said...

Ha HA! This rings a lot of bells,I've been Xmas shopping for weeks...HE, on the other hand,will venture out on Xmas eve to get the one pressie...mine! Men just don't DO Christmas,do they?
Hope you get some nice surprises on the Day! :0)

carrad said...

Mr C can do anything at Christmas as long as it involves cooking. Nobody would get presents, let alone having them wrapped if I left it to him. No complaints, though, since I don't have to make dinner! xxx