Saturday, 24 December 2011

Drive in the dark!

Okay so seven o'clock this morning I'm in Tescos buying a last minute pressie for G. He's umed and ared about a kindle for months so I'd sort of been reluctant to get one in case. But then went to bed last night and the more I thought about it the more I thought what the heck if he decides he doesn't like it I'll just have it myself!!
So as soon as he'd left for work this morning I jumped into the shower and headed straight to tesco (which I have to say is a big deal for me as I HATE driving in the dark). Bang on 7.00 I walk through the door and head to the display, oh no NO Kindles well when I say none they did have the more expensive ones but I was stretching my budget to get the basic one and theres no way I could afford another £50! Okay so there are none on display and that little card dispenser thing says sold out but I'll ask some one. Well that was easier said than done, massive shop and could I find anyone to help. In the end went and asked one of the check out girls and she tannoyed for a manager who then had to track down the keys for the electrical locked cupbard where they keep all the cool stuff (ie stuff people nick). At this stage I'm thinking that I've just got up early, had a white nuckle drive in the dark and all for nothing!
But no she found the keys and then after alot of routing about found the very last one yey I could have kissed her.
So now I have an extra special pressie for my extra special guy and I was back home by 7.45
I did notice as I left the car park that there was actually a traffic jam going in and it had been almost deserted when I was in there, just show it pays to get up that little bit earlier.
Came home had a mince pie and coffee for breakfast, made a last minute present sack for G's pressies as god know where he's put his stocking and that's it all done!
Now sitting feet up in front of the telly watching bad santa (sky+ the other night)

Merry christmas to you all
Big Hugs


Stefy said...

Merry Christmas to you.

MelMel said...

Merry Christmas!x

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Jenevieve said...

That sounds like a very successful morning! Have a fantastic Christmas! :) x

Angela Bell said...

Have a great time and a wondefrul New year!