Monday, 12 December 2011

White dog?

Anyone who has a westie will understand that they need regular trips to the groomers, not just because they're white but because unlike most dogs they don't malt and their hair just keeps growing. Luckily we have a lovely lady called Melissa who grooms Daisy, and Daisy loves going to see her
Unfortunately the whiteness didn't last long as within half an hour of getting home Daisy had snuck out into the garden to bury that chew!!

Finally got round to photoing the tree, this year we(I) have just put up the small one as there is just going to be the two of us and I wanted to keep things simple. However since then everyday I seem to be adding more decs around the house so maybe it'll end up being not quiet so simple? Maybe tasteful and tacky?
 Advent swap is now nearly half way through  and this is what i've received day 3 to 10 more lovely goodies

Now I'm away the next couple of days doing the christmas pressie run down south but have made sure to pack my advent gifts for those days so I don't miss out.

Hope everyones christmas preperations are going well and your not getting too stressed, it is only one day. I am actually ready although when I get back I do need to start planning a party for new years eve so something for me to stress over!!


Shane Kent Louis said...

Great post! Your Christmas tree is really cute, those stuff are really cool!

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Bee happy said...

Daisy is so cool! I recognise that mucky mush look ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Claire said...

that mud photo made me giggle....just like my two x

Dazie said...

heheheheh Pinky is exactly the same, I try to keep her in for a little while before letting her out so I can enjoy the smell of her freshy groomed coat and see her gorgeous brightness as with in 5 minutes of opening the back door she will get filthy and smell like mud and grass!

Love the tree it looks lovely!


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh oh too cute a dog picture alert!!!!!