Saturday, 17 March 2012

Two surprise parcels

Yesterday I was lucky to receive TWO parcels from Postman Pat. It's always so exciting when it's not something you ordered.
The first was Laalaas traveling craft box , oh the anticipation what is inside?
Well first up was a little parcel of goodies from Ali who was the previous recipetent of the parcel..

Love it all, the little button badge is soooo cute and the caramel bunnies were yummy (yes they didn't last 5 mins!)

Now we're not supposed to show you what is in the box as it'll ruin the surprise for the next person but I think I can show you this. It's a journal made by Lynda for us all to record our visit from the travelling box, isn't it beautiful!

Okay so what did I take from the box?
Well I was thrilled when I saw that Heather at Pink Milk had included a copy of CKs Stitch! I did have a copy until someone spilt coffee all over it and stuck all the pages together, so I had to take this...

I also couldn't resist these cute stamps
So I have replaced these items with a selection of my own and will get it all wrapped up ready to go in the post to Sue at the Krafty Cupcake on Monday.

And by pure coincidence my second parcel yesterday was actually from Sue. A couple of weeks ago she posted about

Craft it Forward 2012

And so I signed up and look what Sue made me!!

Is he not the most adorable little elephant, I keep moving him from room to room as I want him to be on show in the best possible place. Thank you so I adore him and am calling him Blue..

Anyhow now its my turn so if you want to take part, this is how it works....
I will make something handmade for the first 5 people that wish to take part and comment on here. They must in turn make something for another five people. It can be anything. If card making/sewing/knitting/felting/soap/crochet making..whatever is your thing then, great! As long as it's handmade.

....Oh, and one more thing they must receive it before the end of 2012

So if you'd like to take part comment here.

 I have last minute housework to do for the parents arriving and then I'm spending the day at a bead workshop. Think I might take Blue..

Have a great weekend


crafty-mum said...

oooh can i join in the craft it forward?
cant wait till its my turn to rumage through the craft box!

LaaLaa said...

I LOVE Sue's elephant. He's gorgeous. I'm so excited about the craft box. I can't wait until it comes back to me. Lovely goodies for a lovely lady! Xx

Dazie said...

I am really cross with myself for not taking part in the travelling craft box I keep seeing lovely posts like this and thinking I should have taken part!

So with that in mind I would love to take part in your Craft it forward its a lovely idea and I think I can manage sending some thing special to people who would like to take part.

Right off to check out the rest of your recent posts

SarahB @ FridayisForever said...

Ahh the elephant is gorgeous! This sounds like a really fun idea :) xx