Sunday, 1 July 2012

Add it to my list

Yes  I'm ashamed to admit that thats how long since I last posted! I'd like to say that I've been horrendously busy and have loads of news and interesting things to share but in fact I haven't. My life has just been in one of those little dark holes so I just thought it was better to keep it to myself. Not that anything bad has happened, but I've just been feeling very down.
 Anyway it's amazing the difference those little tablets from the doc make lol, oh that and the fact that in 9 days I'm going on a CRUISE!!

It's my very first cruise (yes I have reached that age) and to say I'm getting excited is an understatement. Everyday I wake up and write lists, lists of what I need to pack, what I still need to buy/find, jobs to do before we go, things my mum and dad will "need" to know as they are looking after darling Daisy whilst we're away.

We're "doing" the Norwegian fjords so what do I pack? So far the spare bed is covered with piles of trousers and crops, t-shirts, blouses, jumpers, cardigans, swimwear, waterproofs, scarf and gloves?? I know we're not restricted by weight as we're not flying but I still don't want to take my entire wardrobe "just in case"! And the of course theres what to wear in the evenings, 2 formal nights, 2 semi formal and 3 smart casual!! Thanks to loosing all that weight last year I don't even have a large wardrobe to choose from, I have had to buy virtually everything. All I can say is thank god for ebay as I have got some cracking bargains on new with label items. The best being an M&S silk evening dress label price £99 I paid £10.23 inc postage, a Joules summer dress from this seasons range label £79 I paid £11.97 oh and latest is a monsoon evening dress label £129 I paid £16.52 in p+p!!
Nothing like a bargain to cheer you up hey!!
I think between ebay and primark I have probably kitted myself out for less than £200 funded mainly by selling my outgrown clothes on ebay and of course G.
Then there's all the other stuff I need to take, netbook, mobile, binoculars, camera (new one on order from amazon due to arrive monday) books for me, kindle for G (check he's uploaded more books onto it) emergency sewing kit for loose buttons and dropped hems, crafty project to do whilst I'm away (sewing or beading?), portable harddrive, batteries!!!
Okay enough! I need coffee before I start to panic!
Then I can see what's on todays list ??

(me sailing off into the sunset LOL)


Tracy said...

It's lovely to hear from you pene sometimes a little time away is what we all need, your cruise looks fantastic I can't wait to hear all about it, have a wonderful time xxxx

moonstruckcreations said...

Welcome back, its so good to hear from you!
Good to hear you are feeling better, I reckon that cruise will be just the ticket! I must say that I have always fancied going on a cruise....

Have a wonderful time!

Kandi said...

Great to see you back, but sorry you have been feeling rubbish. Lots of bloggers have had really big blue spells this year it's a shame. Your cruise sounds fabulous, I would love to go to Norway, my hubbie has been loads of places and that is his most favourite place in the world. Enjoy it honey xxx

VintageVicki said...

Blimey had to read that twice - I thought you'd sold G to fund the new frocks ;)

Don't forget all the chargers for your gadgets AND have a brilliant holiday xxxx

LaaLaa said...

Lovely to see you back Pene! I'm sorry to hear about your blues. Hopefully the cruise will help to pick you up. xxx

Foxtail Lilly said...

Lucky you! We won a cruise holiday once from Country Living magazine (never won anything before, in my life!) I had never considered a cruise before, but it was amazing, so relaxing! We borrowed a bow tie and went to Oxfam for a suit (as hubbie had never worn one before!) I got dresses from the sales-we felt like we were in fancy dress (in a good way) Have an amazing trip. Tx

Gina ♥ said...

Oh I'm so jealous! How strange is this though. My husband and I have just had afternoon tea that our children bought us as a Christmas present at a beautiful hotel in the country. While we were chatting we were trying to decide on a holiday, a special one for our silver anniversary in January. He's into beach but I can't sit for that long and I'd love, love, love to go on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords and hopefully see the northern lights. Please take lots of photos(I'm sure you will!) I'm desperate to hear all about it then maybe I can persuade him! I've missed your posts, I hope you're feeling better x

Gina ♥ said...

Ps, I'm having a giveaway that I think you might like! X

Cheap2Chic said...

Nice to "see" you again. I'm thinking of going on a cruise so will be interested to hear how you get on. I'm not sure I could be doing with all the dressing up stuff as I'm a casual sort of gal who can scrub up ok - but not really into sequins and glitter!

Love to Daisy xxxx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Exciting stuff :) Looking forward to some pics of the cruise. You have managed to get yourself some fab bargains there xx