Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Please help us

As some of you know G works as a driver for Virgin West Coast and I'm sure most of you will have heard that last wednesday the government made the insane decision to not renew their franchise but give it to First Group instead??
You can not imagine how devasted we all are about this and personally I can not understand how the government think that First group can offer a better service than the one already being given by Virgin. Here on the west coast of scotland First Group operate all the train services except the West coast (due to change on 9th Dec) and the East coast which is operated by the government as everyone, they give it to gives it back!! So I have a fair bit of experience traveling on First Group Trains (Scot rail, SPT and Transpenine), and if they are examples of the excellent service that First Group plan to offer then god help us all I think I'll start taking the bus, (I think theres a couple that First group don't own!).

So I need help or should I say WE need help! On Monday I posted on facebook about an E petition which has been launched to try and stop this. Well word is getting out and we now have 62,104 signatures but we need more. In order for the petition to be accepted we need a minimum 100,000 people to sign and we need them before 28 Aug as that is the day the the actual franchise deal is signed.
So if you've ever had a good experience on a Virgin Train or a bad one on First Group then please please sign the petition, G and all the guys he works with Jobs depend on this

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Sheila said...

I've signed-its been on the news in general and i think its awful.
Lets hope that the change in the last couple of days is in some way good.