Monday, 10 December 2012

Bah humbug alert!

Has anyone else noticed how every supermarket seems to have an ad involving a very harrased woman running round like a lunatic, getting ready for christmas then cooking the christmas dinner! Then after the meal she has this contented happy glow that it was all worthwhile?
What a load of tosh.

Don't get me wrong I love christmas, I love the lights, the decorations, the carols, basically the whole atmosphere of christmas. But what I hate is the commercialisation and the pressure on people to make it a "special day".

Sorry am up early as I have to travel 650mile round trip in the next 48hrs to deliver christmas pressies and seem to have lost my christmas mojo (maybe they actually sell it in Asda ?(other supermarkets are available))


Attila said...

Not if you work there, they don't!!

Kandi said...

Ooooh it boils my blood! Saw Asda ad at cinema last week hubbie turned to me and went aaaahh, as in, isn't that the truth and I was seething! Bar stewards, sure if we left it to the blokes it would be a bit shite but I don't want them telling my that is how I am expected to behave. Honest I was livid!
Bah humbug :0) xxx