Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Daisys christmas message..

Well Christmas is over
All my presents opened
This is mummy favourite, my new santa suit!
My favourite is the turkey that giggles but mummy has hidden it as she says it's given her a headache, personally I think it was all those glasses of Baileys!!!
Hope you all had a lovely day

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moonstruckcreations said...

Hello Daisy

Although I am a cat I thought I would comment - after all it is the season of Goodwill!

That turkey sounds fun, but I was wondering how on earth your Mum gets the suit on you? Do you have fun and wriggle a lot?

My Mum bought me a fab new toy - a sort of weasel/ball/fishing rod thing - it is stuffed with top quality cat nip. Of course, it being the holidays I totally indulged the humans and went absolutely beserk with it....

Im a bit tired now so thought catching up on blogs would be just the thing.

Enjoy the rest of the hols, Tigerxx