Saturday, 10 July 2010

IKEA heaven or hell

If you ask a bloke they tend to say Ikea is Hell where as most women would say heaven. However after my trip there today I'm definately in the Hell camp. We arrived and thought we'd have lunch to set us up before we started. 20mins in the queue and the meatballs are getting nearer then the fire alarm goes off (apparently for the second time today according to the very grumpy guy in the queue in front of me). So everyone has to leave and by everyone I mean the population of a small continent as it was MOBBED. So we all trapse outside and probably 90% (mainly the ones accompanied by a bloke) say thats it we're going and head for their cars. What followed resembles a carpark after a concert has finished, thousands of people wandering aimlessly trying to remember where they left the car, and hundreds of cars heading at speed from every direction trying to get to the one small exit first. The exit I must point out joins the main road at a roundabout by a large shopping centre, are you getting the picture??? Yeap complete chaos ensued not made any better by the four fire engines trying to get in.. G decided we'd leave as he was on his way to work so we headed over the road to Mcdonalds along with a large preportion of the meatball queue. Eventually G went to work and I decided to risk Ikea again. I thought it was busy the first ime but when I returned it was even worse. Did not enjoy my trip at all as fighting through masses of grumpy men and shopping trolley is not my idea of fun, but did manage to buy curtains and two lovely and very cheap light shades (£1.24ea!!). Oh yes and also a gorgeous large red plant pot for my decking, so not a complete washout. Only then I had to get out of the carpark AGAIN...................................

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