Thursday, 30 September 2010

Not a good day??

Am not having a good day.. Had another appointment with the chiro today as my arm isn't getting any better. Turns out it's the pain in my arm and fingers is caused by my neck (apparently all the sewing etc i've been doing is aggrivating it). So to cut along story short I'm not allowed to sew, knit or crochet until my next appointment to see if it helps!! Forgot to tell her I'd been making christmas cards so I guess I can carry on with them hey??
On top of that I have picked up a cold which I suspect has turned into a chest infection, bloomin great so am feeling really grotty.

Anyway when I was looking for a screwin light bulb the other day( don't ask) I came across this cutie.
Considering that I had her since I was about 3yrs old she's looking a hell of alot better for her age than me!!

G says that I should make her some clothes which I will once my sewing ban is over but not sure what I can do about her hair??
Latest news on the giveaway I am now up to 15 followers so there will be a 2nd prize winner who will receive a "mystery prize"! The more followers the more prizes and only 6 days till the draw.



Kandi said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish, I hope the neck/arm thing sorts itself out with some rest.
Your dolly is a little scary I think, it reminded me of the Chucky Doll - sorry, it's one of your treasures :)
Kandi x

Pene said...

LMAO...I'm sure you'd look like chucky too if you'd spent the last 10yrs in the bottom of a trunk! Anyway we can't all be perfect and she's cute in that only a mother would love her kind of way haha..
Pene x

Emma Kate said...

That is terrible news, I wouldn't be able to cope without crochet or knitting. So sorry to hear you are having so much discomfort I hope it is something that can be sorted for you so you can get back to making all sorts of loveliness.
Looking forward to your prize draw. I am keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed ;)

Amanda said...

What a pain...not being able to do any crafting! Make sure you rest up! I love your dolly. It got my creative juices flowing , thinking about her hair (I'm a hairdresser, you see!)I can see all sorts of headgear in my minds eye! Carmen Mirandaesque turbans, bandanas, wigs! How exciting! Hope you soon feel better Pene. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Sending You a healing hug {{HUG}}! Dolly is looking good for her age - Kandi stop being mean to Penes baby! LOL!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Pene, thank you for entering my giveaway, I will threw your name in the big bowl, fingers crossed!
Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Friday evening xx