Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunshine and Chicken Soup

Gosh it's amazing how a little bit of sunshine can make you feel better. Having spent the last three days curled up on the sofa feeling rotten, today I feel a lot better. I'd like to say thanks for all the lovely get well messages they brightened my days.
 Anyway have finally got round to taking some pics of the christmas cards I've made

I bought a pack of lovely papers and a decoupage set called Peppers Christmas party last weekend and have had fun playing with it making loads of different cards. I have also made an easel card as I was so jealous of the ones I kept seeing other people make..

There are so many talented card makers out there and I don't profess to be anywhere near as good but I'm quiet please with what I've acheived. I've finished about 30 so far and still have plenty of papers etc to make at least that again now I'm feeling better.

Right I'm off to have some Morrison Thai Chicken Soup (it's superb) and then maybe I'll even tackle some housework?

Remember only 3 days till the giveaway!!!



Kandi said...

Those cards are brilliant!! I have tinkered with making cards in the past but nothing like as good as yours. I am starting to panic about christmas now, I was planning to make a list and make everyone something but so far nowt! Must get cracking you have spurred me on.
Kandi x

Amanda said...

Well done you! I especially love the last one! Love, Amanda xxx

bellaboo said...

Your cards are are well ahead with your Xmas preparations! Glad you're feeling better.That Thai soup sounds delicious,pity there's no Morrisons round here. :o)

Amy said...

Great cards! Your Per Una coat sounds lovely. I'm hoping it'll get a bit colder soon so I can start wearing mine x

Dazie said...

I love them all but the easel is my fav!

Emma Kate said...

Those cards are gorgeous and the ones in your more recent blog. Glad you are feeling better xxx