Monday, 4 October 2010

Countdown to giveaway

Another sunny day although it is slightly windy (haha daisy nearly took off when we tried to walk along the beach earlier). 
Anyway I'm now up to 20 followers!! And that means more prize winners, so there will now be 2 mystery prize winners in addition to the main winner and theres still 2 days to go!! Gosh I'm getting so excited.. Sorry too much caffine.
Have been out shopping this morning but not the sort of shopping I enjoy, just the mundane food etc. But did pop into Next Clearance and bought a very pretty floral top. I loved the material and thought even though it was two sizes bigger than I usually wear that I could alter it.. Well put it this way it doesn't need altering lol, too many choccy bars whilst I was poorly maybe?

On a completely different subject I thought I'd share something about myself. About three years ago me and G decided that when we retire (although the retirement age seems to be going further away the nearer we get) that we would sell our house and buy a dutch barge. Then travel around europes rivers and canals until we get too decrepid. This is our dream barge although it sold last year, but I'm sure we'll find another one.

It's nice to dream... but in the meantime I better go and sort something for these mystery prizes!!!



Dazie said...

Not so windy here infact its been gorgeous and sunny, pinky has been sunbathing at the bottom of the garden.

I love the barge dream you have, just think of how you could decorate it inside!!!

Have a good week!

Amanda said...

Me too Pene. Do you watch Coronation Street? There was a lady in it last year (Ken Barlow's bit on the side) who lived on a barge and I was really jealous! Lots of love, Amanda xxx