Monday, 13 September 2010

The "C" word

Today is wet and grey and generally depressing. In fact the sort of day that reminds you that the summer is nearly over and winter is round the corner. Of course when we think of winter we automatically think of the dreaded "C" word.
There is lots about "C" that I love, the lights, the tree, the decorations, spending time with the family(as long as they all know when to go home!).
But theres also lots I hate, the commercalisation of it, the way your expected to compete on the present front, the shops grrrrr..
So last year we decided as I was redundant and two of my children had just got married (no not to each other!!!) no one had any money to spare so we did the "£5 Christmas" (oh bugger I've just said the word).

You would be amazed what you can get for a fiver!!
At first there were certain member of my family who were sceptical but even they were soon converted. To add that competetive streak we decided that there would be a prize for the best/funniest/most original present.
Well it was probably the most enjoyable christmas we had in years with plenty of laughter. Everyone stuck to the price limit buying from far and wide (alot of ebaying, carbooting and charity shopping was done). The presents included a Sandwich toaster (ASDA £4.97) , a set of chrystal glasses (car boot £4.00), various packets of veg seeds so we could all grow our own veg, homemade jewellry, craft packs and various jokey items in fact the list was endless.
I would show you the winning present my son bought my son in law but....
It was a Borat Mankini (yuk yuk yuk)

So will we do it again this year???
To right we will anything that means you only spend about £50 on the whole families presents gets my vote..

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Amanda said...

Hi Pene! Boy it's good to be back! Love your £5 Christmas Pressie Rule! I'm doing handmade only this year, apart from a couple of books for special friends extra pressies! I've already got a couple of things stashed away reay. Sad eh? Lots of love my dear, Amanda xxx