Sunday, 12 September 2010


A few weeks ago I ordered this lovely turquoise wool off Ebay
Only problem is I don't really knit, well I do but I can only do one stitch. Never mind I thought I'd knit a scarf
I was actually quite pleased with it but it was a bit plain? So I made some nice fringing
Better but not quite there yet. Oh I know that lovely felt I got from Annie ( )

oh and buttons
Not sure if its quite finished yet but its getting there...

Oh and while I remember Lynda ( is setting up an Advent swap, so come on girls sign up cos the dreaded C word is coming so we might as well have some fun....

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LaaLaa said...

The scarf is brilliant, Pene! I really love it. Why don't I have these great ideas?? I'm glad you've joined in the swap. Many thanks. Lynda xx