Monday, 6 September 2010

We have had such lovely weather for the last couple of weeks that it was a real shock to get up this morning and find it overcast and very windy.
Still nothing stops me and daisy from our morning walk on the beach

It was quiet grey and Arran was hidden in colouds

Daisy had to cope with the sand blowing in her face

But still enjoyed herself

Now I think we'll spend the rest of the day at home, who knows maybe my cricut will turn up(again) and then I can play??


Kandi said...

Wow it looks wild. I left the house this morning and quickly wondered why I had spent 15 minutes blow drying and brushing my hair!??!?
I love autumn though, can't wait for the leaves to fall.
Kandi x

michelle said...

What a pain about your Cricut!!

Soooooo disappointing!!

I would have been gutted:(

Your dear little Daisy looks soooo wind blown, bless her heart:)

But it did still look lovely where you were!
Michelle x

Amy said...

Daisy looks so cute in that last pic x