Monday, 8 November 2010

Almost home

Tomorrow we are coming home Yipee I'll be able to download my photos and do a proper post. 
In the meantime I have managed to get on my dads computer a couple of times to have a peek at what everyones up to.However my dad has his computer so full of  "stuff" that it's very slow and I normally give up after about half an hour, So I'll have loads to catch up on.
We have all had a lovely time and will be sorry to leave but glad to get home to Fudge (and my own bed).

Ooop just seen the weather forecast, rain and snow for tomorrow?? and I forgot to pack the snow shovel!!

Oh yes I have just noticed am up to 47 followers so giveaway could be very soon



Dazie said...

Looking forward to pics!

emma bear forever said...

Nothing quite like getting back to your own bed. Safe journey home and looking forward to your pics x

Jackie said...

Have just found you through another blog - lovely to meet you! AM looking forward to reading through your blog with a cuppa later today. Can I ask - where did your spotty felt come from? It's gorgeous. xx

P.S Daisy is so gorgeous too!