Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I'm back

 Well the trip down was horrendous due to heavy rain
And Daisy kept asking when we'd get there
But after about 7hrs we got down safe and sound. We then spent 4 lovely days seeing all the family and Daisy got to spend plenty of time with her pal Tess. They were inseperable the whole time we were there.
I did a little retail therapy but to be honest my mum gave me more than I bought. Before she retired my mum was a primary teacher as well as a crafter, and she gave me a large stack of felt that she'd acquired. I also got to go through "the button box" which includes buttons from both my grans, my aunt and my mum. I was able to choose whatever I wanted so now have a 2/300 extra buttons to my name. I haven't got round to photoing my purchases /acquired items but will hopefully do tomorrow.
We got home late last night only to find that the sky plus box has crashed less than 12hrs after we left home so it hadn't recorded ANY of my programmes grrr..
As we all know after you've been away it takes at least a day to catch up on all the washing etc so that's all I've done today (okay so I looked at a few blogs as well!)
Tomorrow I will craft...
after I've been to the chiro and done the weeks shopping!!


emma bear forever said...

Love the pic of Daisy & Tess :0)
Looking forward to seeing your new/old goodies x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...


Amy said...

Ah, love the pic of Daisy gazing adoringly at Tess! Glad you had a good trip x

Kandi said...

Welcome home!! It's always nice to get back to your own bed, I bet it was great being with the parents for a bit. You will have to catch up on your TV via the internet, last year I set all my shows up to record, then turned the box off at the wall to be safe ~ crazy!!
Kandi x

Kiki said...

Wonderful Daisy and Tess!I'm happy that you had a good and relaxing holiday. kisses,kiki
Come to my blog if you want :-)

Jenevieve said...

Daisy and Tess look lovely together! Glad you had a good holiday, despite the rain on the way down. :) x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

darling pene, thank you for the fabulous pressie you send for my birthday - the card was gorgeous too! love annie xx