Friday, 26 November 2010

Broken jar and glitter

Oooh I'm so excited my advent swaps have arrived from Alijane over at gingercat.
I'm now counting down till I can start opening them (have been doing the christmas feely thing trying to guess what I've got!!)

Went out this morning and when I got back G told me that my big candle in a jar, that I keep in the bathroom, had jumped off the shelf and the jar had broken!! Well I didn't want to waste it as it smells of gingerbread so ..........

I melted the wax

Found some little voitres that I normally have my tealights in, some wicks ooh and a bit of glitter

And TATA my lovely new candles. I actually had loads of fun and it's given me some ideas for pressies..

Also have notice that I'm up to 49 followers and you know what that means? One more and then its giveaway time yipee....



Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

fab idea those candles. well done you!

emma bear forever said...

What a good idea - well done for managing to save it :0) x

Alijane said...

Hi Pene,

Glad you received your parcel, got yours on Monday, it looks very exciting!

We are going to have a go at candlemaking this weekent too. Going to do vinatage tea cup candles. Yours look really fab.

Have a great weekend.


crafting uk mum said...

what a brilliant idea! i always end up with odd shaped candles so this is a idea that appeals to me!

Em said...

What a great idea, those candles look brill.
I'm sooooo excited about opening my advent swap parcels too...I hope everyone manages to blog regularly about what they've recieved (because I'm very nosey!).
Hope you have a great,warm and cosy weekend.
Em xxxx

Kandi said...

Oh you clever thing, very thrifty!
Exciting advent bits there, I'm suprised you havn't opened one or two I couldn't resist!
Kandi x

Jenevieve said...

The candles look fantastic! Well done for re-using the candle to make lots more! :) x

Country Girl said...

A gingerbread candle? Bet that'll make you hungry!

Sheila said...

Oooh im your 50th follower!! The felt fairy told me about your blog because of your li'l westie!! (Ive got much love for westies)also your candles!!
They are so wonderfully glittery and sparkley and i bet they smell fab too!

Dazie said...

what a fab idea with those candles, Dazie is off today to hunt some old candles down!