Monday, 29 November 2010

Magic Number

In case anyones missed it it's been snowing.
 Daisy adores snow and has been having a ball

It was lovely and white and bright and sunny on saturday morning but didn't last long, the sky clouded over and it began to snow again. Not that I'm complaining I LOVE SNOW, give me snow any day as opposed to rain (which we get quiet alot of up here on the west coast).
So me and Daisy have just hunkered down.....

Today the postman finally arrived and with him he brought my christmas dec swap from Vintage Vicki
All wrapped up in a lovely box
A beautiful garland of gingerbread men, robins and a gingerbread house. It is adorable and I love it thank you so so much Vicki. Also included was this lovely christmas card, my first this year so it's sitting on my mantel waiting for company..
I know Vicki has received the decoration swap I sent her so I thought I'd share it with you, It wasn't what I'd planned but I was so pleased with the result I'm going to make one for me (you know after I've finished the craft fair panicing!!) The wreath was just a wire circle that I wrapped wadding round and then covered with a ball of white mohair (got it to knit another scarf but hated knitting with it so gave up!) Then decorated it with a big wired ribbon bow, some felt stars, oh and beads from a broken pearl necklace.

Now all I have to do is my secret santa!!!

On a completely different subject I have now reached the magic number

Thats followers not years old!!
And that means
a giveaway
Now I haven't quiet decided what but it will be a stocking full!!
Closing date will be end Monday 6 Dec
All you need to do is add a comment to this post to be included.

Good luck and happy snowballing



Ali said...

Ooh some yummy goodies there!! Congrats on all your followers xx

Kandi said...

Your doggie is almost invisible, good job they have black noses! The swap is fab I love the garland and the wreath you clever things!
Congratulations on the followers too!
Keep Warm
Kandi x

Betty said...

oh, count me in please, would love to win something you have made, love your stuff. Betty x

Alijane said...

Hi Pene,

Your snow looks fab, wish it would snow down here. We might get some tomorrow or a bit later in the week.

Please count me in for your swap.

Enjoy your days at home, at least you can craft to your hearts content and not feel guilty.


Em said...

Daisy looks like she's having a great time, my silly cat goes out of her catflap at the back see's the snow so comes straight back in...and goes to the front door to see if the weather is any better at that door!!
Congrats on 50 followers can I join in the giveaway please?
Em xxxxx

Jenevieve said...

The parcel was so lovely wrapped! I love the garland, it looks gorgeous and the wreath is so pretty! Congratulations on all the followers too!
Have a good (and warm) day! :) x

gill said...

At last we've got snow too!! (Gloucestershire!)and as I have a black dog she won't get lost in the snow like Daisy!

VintageVicki said...

Daisy looks like she was having a great time :)

Spent time today deciding where I can show my wreath off - want everyone who visits over Christmas to see it.

Thanks for being a great swap buddy.

Dazie said...

What fab pictures! We have no snow here, pinky just goes out for a quick tinkle then comes straight back in, no time for investigating. She does love snow when we get it!

I love the last picture of that fab wreath its beautiful!

bibbitybob said...

That garland is gorgeous, I'll bet you can't wait to open all the presents! Well done on all your followers x

Laurie said...

Congratulations on the magic number
I enjoy your blog. would like to win something lovely from you. Laurie x

life in the wendy house said...

Please count me in the giveaway (: Your Christmas stuff is so beautiful and cute! I really wish I had enough time to make stuff so carefully, hopefully when I get back home for Christmas I can get crafting again! x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Amy bought me a robin and a gingerbread man from Vicki for my tree - they are gorgeous! Love the garland!

Ah westies and snow!!!

emma bear forever said...

Congrats on your 'Over 50' followers :0) Thank you for the chance of winning some goodies xx

Amanda said...

Eeekk! I nearly missed your give away! Yes please. Can I play? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Fraggle Emma said...

I'd love to be part of this!
Well done on your followers!!
How adorable!
Em xxx

Jackie said...

Ooh thank you for the chance to win yoru giveaway - please count me in. Daisy is just so adorable!!! xx