Monday, 6 December 2010

And today it snowed

Well I really thought we'd seen the back of this for awhile as we'd had rain over the weekend and when we woke this morning the ground was soaking BUT NO!! Ten o'clock this morning it started again and within 10 mins the covering had started again

Daisy took up her favourite seat in the window which is where she stayed for the next five hours during which it never stopped. About 4 o'clock the temp started dropping and is now already down to -7 so the snow has now set to the consistancy of concrete. Oh joy ...

Today is advent day 6 and Alison sent me this gorgeous brooch I absolutely love it. I am so lucky to have been paired up with her as everything she has sent me is just perfect , oh just remembered still have that little pink sugar mouse something yummy to look forward to this evening..
Right better go and check the train updates to see when or even if G will be home tonight, the joys of living with a train driver...

Quick sorry to everyone I was supposed to send parcels to today, tomorrow I promise I will tackle the steep hill to the post office..



Amy said...

Ah, Dasy looks very cute as always. Your brooch is very pretty x

Candylei said...

I had to link over when I saw your icon with a westie. Daisy is darling. I see you are an artist/crafter too. So much fun. We have a westie, Sir Salty, who loves to play and when I see your Daisy's picture I think I'm looking at our puppy.
I hope your art fair was a huge success!
Keep Warm,