Sunday, 5 December 2010


Hello people I have loads to update you on
 First my magic number 50 giveaway
Well I'm not showing what your getting but here it is wrapped up!!
So if you haven't added a comment onto the magic number post to be included, you have till tomorrow night

Next advent swap update
 I was show and telling everyday but have been so preoccupied never got round to it the last couple of days so heres what the lovely Alison has sent me
Advent day 3

Yumm Yumm I love these, and Alison ditto
Advent day 4

Sorry was so busy yesterday didn't really pay much attention to the quality of the pic but what I got were 2 lovely little ginigerbread men in a cute little basket.
Advent day 5

Sugar mice!! I got so excited when I saw these as I don't think I've had one for at least **yrs. Even when the kids were little I didn't let them have them cos of the sugar content hehe but the white one was yummy and I am saving the pink one for tomorrow (or maybe later tonight)

Well thats the giveaway covered and advent swap upto date.
Next the Craft fair, it actually went really well, got loads of lovely comments and  I had fun. Met some lovely people and was invited to exhibit at another fair next saturday. Only trouble is its quite a long way away (about 50miles and would take about an hour and a half) so think I might give it a miss.
I've already singed up for a couple more fairs next year and think I'll take it from there.

Got home from the fair about 5.30 last night and had an hour to get ready to go out for our annual christmas meal. I've probably mentioned it before that where I live the neighbours are all great and we reguarly do stuff together. So last night 20 of us went out for a meal and a few bottles of wine, oh and secret santa.
lots of the pressies were stupid things but me and Jane struck lucky and got earmuffs (very useful at the moment) hers are little pigs and mine have baubles hanging off them. It was a brill night the meal was lovely and as usual today I am feeling slightly delicate!!

Anyway now the fair is over I can start concerntrating on CHRISTMAS!!
I've finally finished my secret santa so can post that off tomorrow
G got all the decorations down for me Friday night but forget the TREE?? So as soon as he goes back into the loft and gets that down I can have fun and do all my decorating..

Okay thats you all updated on me and I desperately need coffee so,
 for anyone who still has snow watch out for them snowballs
anyone who's snow has melted and now has sheets of ice (like me) don't go out in stiletoes
and everyone else have a good day



Emma Kate said...

What a lovely photo of you at the craft fair and such gorgeous items Pene x
I am pretty sure I left a comment on the 50 giveaway but just in case I haven't let me know I def want to be a part of it :)

Cheap2Chic said...

Your table looked lovely and so pleased you did well after all of your hard work x

Betty said...

Your craft fair stall looked good, hope you had lots of sales. sorry didn't comment yesterday as was working all day/evening. Re the giveaway - could you count me in please.

emma bear forever said...

Glad the craft fair went well, shame the other one is such a distance x

Amanda said...

Hi Pene. Glad your fair went well. You've worked sooo hard. Lovely Advent Swapsies! lots of love, Amanda xxx

penelope10 said...

I think I left a comment, but if not I love giveaways and would love to participate!!