Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cat Burgular

I think we have a cat burgular!!

He tried to disguise his theiving antics when daisy caught him

But she just wanted to check it wasn't one of hers!!

I also have a photo thief as I KNOW I've taken photos of all my advent swaps but seem to be unable to find days 12,13,14 and 15?? I know I didn't take 16 as that was the day of the great present run and it was a very useful pack of CK red spotty tissues. Any way this is what I've got since....
Day 17 a lovely CK cotton hanky

Day 18 a sweet little red and white spot bucket with a tea light

 Day 19 a cute little dish for my morning teabag

 Day 20 gosh I wish this was smelly vision as this little bath bomb smell divine, it's far too lovely to use so think I might just have to display it in my bathroom instead...
 Day 21 yum yum yum red and white spotty ribbon thank you so much Alison for you generousity I love absolutely everything. And thanks Lynda for setting up this amazing swap..

Back to the weather!! How are you all doing? We have snow, not alot but enough to make thing difficult...

G has disappeared up to Aberdeen to collect the MIL, he decided to go up on the train and come back down with her tomorrow as Scotrail are being abit irregular with their service at the mo. Then I'll do a quick round trip with her on Monday to make sure she gets home safely. Me I got to do the three supermarket dash this morning in order to ensure we had everything for "christmas".
Exactly how many tubes of pringles is the correct requirement??

But at least it's done now and I don't have to go shopping again before the big day. Just have to trudge into Glasgow tomorrow to pick up G and his mum!!! Joy!!

I did get a lovely surprise when I got home as my super postie followed me up the drive with a parcel..

 Yeah its my pressies from Secret Santa!!

and it contains 8 pressies!!! Oh I'm so excited but am going to wait to open it till christmas,
 aren't I good!!

Happy Holidays


VintageVicki said...

I hope the advent swap happens next year - I really wish I'd taken part.

No a single flake here - is actually almost warm today - about 3 or 4 degrees :)

Apart from sprouts, milk & bananas we're done shopping wise - thank goodness

fabriquefantastique said...

What a lovely idea.....Seasons Greetings from Ontario (just about the same weather)

Jenevieve said...

Lovely advent goodies! No snow here, but still -8 at the moment! I like the photos of your cat thief, poor thing is just excited about all the presents! Still no secret santa here yet, but I think it may not arrive for Christmas due to the back log of parcels! :)

Betty said...

The advent swap was such a great idea - I hope to take part next year if anyone will do it again - you have had so much fun and such lovely goodies - it's funny how cats love all the paper and twinklies isn't it - Amber gets a paintbrush wrapped up and finds it very exciting! Betty x

LaaLaa said...

Lovely post pene! Your photos look like a Christmas card! I'm so glad that everyone has enjoyed the advent swap. I will organise it again next year. xx

Alijane said...

Hi Pene,

Glad you liked your swap pressies. Thank you so much for mine, they have all been absolutely fabulous.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Heaven is a Cupcake said...

Happy Christmas! Your place looks amazing. My cat likes to eat the ribbon off the xmas presents.

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for my lovely card and sweet deccie! I've hung it on the tree where I can admire it from my favourite chair. Have a wonderful Christmas Pene. Lots of love, Amanda xxx