Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nearly here

Well am back after a whistle stop tour to deliver pressies, 700 miles round trip in 30hrs!! To say I was shattered when I got home yesterday is a gross understatement.
Today I thought I'd better start on getting the christmas food sorted, not one of my better ideas as Tescos was mobbed and then got home (3hrs later) to find it had SNOWED...
Luckily for Daisy I had picked a little something up to keep her cosy

Not sure that she's keen on having the hood up though...

Well this time in a week christmas will be nearly over and looking outside it looks like it could be a white one.

So incase I don't post again before the big day,

Merry Christmas

and I hope you all have a wonderful day and santa brings you all you desire. Roll on 2011

Big Hugs
Pene and Daisy
x x


Amy said...

I love Daisy's jumper. She looks so cute and very festive! I can't believe you had to travel so far to deliver all your Christmas pressies x p.s. I've just posted a pic of Lily in the fab colour you made. I've linked it to your blog x

emma bear forever said...

Glad your trip went well and you got to see your family.
Merry Christmas to you Pene and Daisy have a lovely time x

Dazie said...

Merry christmas to you and daisy too!

Pinky has a similar christmas Jumper but hers is more white and a little of the red. She never looks very impressed when I put it on her lol

Take care and have a fab christmas!


Betty said...

Hi Pene - I love your Daisy, just the kind of yappy dog I would love to have and her coat is so sweet. Thanks for visiting me and always leaving lovely comments. You are a very talented lady and make some fabulous stuff and also a very kind and a special person to make that huge journey to your loved ones with gifts. Have a wonderful Christmas and love to Daisy. x

Country Girl said...

How funny to have a hood on a dog coat! Does it have ear-holes?
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Jenevieve said...

Glad your trip went well, no wonder your so exhausted though! Snowed here too, but fortunately only a little more! Have a fantastic Christmas! :) x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hi Pene, tried to write a comment yesterday but blogger was playing up! Daisy looks so cute - she is as adorable as ever!

Hope you got your felt although Royal Mail is so slow at the mo, some parcels taking over two weeks to arrive!!

Have a wonderful Christmas - you are a fave of mine and I look forward to 'seeing you' in 2011 xx

Kandi said...

Merry Christmas to you too honey! Thanks so much for the lovely card and beautiful gift, they arrived today!
Kandi x