Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas sadness in blogland.

There seems to be alot of sadness in blogland at the moment. A few of the lovely bloggers I follow seem to be suffering. I think this time of year puts alot of unnecessary pressure on people to acheive the "perfect christmas". Then there are money problems, job losses, relationship problems, homelessness, illness, bereavments to name but a few. All of which add to the pressure to achieve perfection.
I wish I could wave a magic wand and take away the problems or give you a tablet but there is nothing. If nothing else Christmas is a time of Hope, hope for the future..
No matter how black things look there is always Hope....
I would like to say you are all in my prayers but I lost faith along time ago, but you are all in my thoughts and my best wishes for you all over the festive period......


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

This is such a thoughtfull post R
Pene, bless you for being your lovely self!

Sendind best wishes and hope to all who might read this post love Annie xx

ps Pene, loved the parcel, thank you darling xx

Jenevieve said...

Very thoughtful post! Best wishes to everyone who reads your post as well!
Your tree looks lovely in the last post, very pretty and co-ordinated!

:) x

Amanda said...

Hi Pene. It's a difficult time of year isn't it? Highs and lows. After the year I've had I've lost my faith in organised religion and church. But, as you said, we still have Hope....whatever face that wears. I still believe that God is love....and we see that everywhere we look. It's in bucket loads here on blogland. I can only speak for myself, but the love and care of my friends here in blogland have brought me through, all in one piece.Lots of love, Chickadee. Amanda xxx

LaaLaa said...

Ah, Pene, this post has made me cry. What a lovely, thoughtful post it is. As one of the people who is going through it at the moment, thank you for caring! I have had the worst year this year and, like Amanda has already said, my blog friends have helped me in so many ways and I love you all. Let's hope that 2011 is a better year for all of us. It can only get better. Lynda xxxx

VintageVicki said...

A lovely post Pene :)

I know of several bloggers who are having a tough time at the moment and others who have had a bad year.

Just hope that things improve for them all soon.

Amy said...

a lovely post Pene. Lily loves the collar my mum bought for her from your shop. It was meant to be a christmas present but I begged for it early so Lily could look all pretty for Christmas. I'll take a pic of her wearing it as soon as she stands up long enough for me to photograph her (She's sooo sleepy at the moment) x

Kandi said...

Beautiful post honey, thanks. It is a fabulous comfort to know that there are friend out there that I have never met that care and have helped me along in the past, isn't blogging incredible? There are several of us out there with sadness/illness at the moment and here's to a brighter new year!
Love Kandi xx

Emma Kate said...

You are a truly a wonderful considerate person Pene, I have loved your blog since I first laid eyes on it.
Oh and THANK YOU for your lovely card and decoration, I was moaning today because the Dr confirmed I had flu and at the knit and natter whilst pulling my sad face I said I hadn't managed to make a single dec for my tree and now I don't feel like it so you have no idea how much your little pudding cheered me up and your BEAUTIFUL card. You are so talented.
I was actually talking about you today as my friend gave me a little felt westie brooch and I told her about your wonderful work xxx P.s I would like your address please :)

Dazie said...

Penethis is such a thoughtful post and you are such a lovely lady!!! I have had such a tough month with poorly animals I have lost 5 of my precious guinea pigs and 1 chinchilla and last night we had our 14 year old cat sox PTS. Today I received a lovely Christmas card and gorgeous decoration, you have no idea how much it has cheered me up

Thank you so very much!
Merry Christmas
P.S I would like a address please!

P.p.s. pinky sends Christmas wishes to Daisy!

VintageVicki said...

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the gorgeous card and hooly heart I received today - a lovely surprise :) Can't wait to put my tree up tomorrow :) xxx

Greedy Nan said...

This is not a comment of someone who's lost her faith - just mislaid it for the timebeing. I hope you find it again.