Saturday, 11 December 2010

Am finally catching up with christmas

I have been feeling a little bit down this week as christmas is galloping towards us and I feel so unprepared. Don't get me wrong I have most of my presents and am just waiting for the last couple to arrive. But normaly I would have had everything wrapped, all my decs and tree up by the beginning of December so I've been feeling massively behind (I guess I have slight control issues).
So today we finally got the tree out of the gargage and put it up making sure to include all the lovely handmade decs I've been given

The little white bear is advent day 10 gift  along side one of my little dog

The lovely little rocking horse is advent day 11 gift it's so so cute

Couldn't resist showing you my angel, she's actually a snow angel and is so soft and cuddly

This little stocking was a lovely surprise from amanda

and talking of surprises I got another one from Kandi when this lovely face clothe came through unexpectedly. There are so many lovely people out there in blog land thank you.

Anyway after we'd put up the tree I got nearly all my presents wrapped (not all as G was sitting next to me so I couldn't wrap his!) Then the postman arrived and I could have cried. I was supposed to go down to visit all my family this week to deliver christmas pressies as they aren't coming for christmas but because of the snow the trip was cancelled. I try and go down as often as possible but 350miles each way on my own is no fun in bad weather. So I had resigned myself to not seeing them and having to post their pressies. Then my lovely postman brought me a letter containing my rail passes meaning I can travel free on virgin trains and reduced fares on all others.

 So am now a very happy bunny and am planning a quick visit sometime this week.

Hope all your christmas chaos is under control, don't stress just break open the chocolates!!


Amanda said...

Oh that tree looks sooo festive. We don't have one this year so I'm really enjoying seeing all yours! Glad you got you like your stocking. I'm sending you calming, happy vibes. You're loved Pene, whether you're organised or not. XXX

Emma Kate said...

your tree looks gorgeous and that little snow angel is sooo cute.
It is hard at this time of year not being near family, but what a lovely little parcel from mr postman xxx

emma bear forever said...

Your tree looks stunning. I love all those handmade decorations.
How lovely that you will get to see your family after all :0) x

Kandi said...

You are welcome my lovely! Your tree looks beautiful, I really love the snow angel!
Kandi x
p.s many thanks for your kind words.