Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I have been sewing, isn't it amazing how mind numbingly sore fingers can take your mind off other things..
Unfortunately the light had gone by the time I thought to take pics of my success's but I will show tomorrow.
Also went down to the community centre to sign up for my beading class, it was full but I managed to persuade them to take just one more lol.. am quiet excited about it and looking forward to next weeks class.
Have decided my motto for this year is......
Have signed up for 6 craft fairs this year, I know 6 is not massive as some people do that per month but for me it's 6 times more than last year and it's a start. My first ones not till May although I am top of the waiting list for March and April, and in the meantime will fill up my shop on Etsy. Sounds like a plan?



Jenevieve said...

The beading class sounds great! I'm hoping to do a stained glass workshop at the end of January, can't wait! Hope the craft fairs go well, I've not done any yet, but hoping to do something more than etsy this year. :) x

Alijane said...

Hi Pene,

Glad to hear you are keeping busy to take your mind off other things. You sound very sorted what with all your craft fairs booked in. Well done you. I wish I could make things that people actually wanted to buy!

Take care


emma bear forever said...

Yes that sounds like a plan :0)
I suppose you could make a few Easter bits just incase a stall comes up pre-easter (must check my calender now). If not you could put them in your etsy shop.

Love your motto for the year x

Jackie said...

Always good to have a plan! Have fun with your beading class. And I think your motto is perfect! x

Kandi said...

Yep, great motto, I have it on my fridge! Crafting is a great healer for most problems, I really believe that.Hugs.
Kandi x

Dazie said...

OOo 6 is a big start in my books and who knows what else the year will bring!

Hope the classes go well but I am sure you will have a great time and make some fab things!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Go Lady Penelope!!! Beading sound great!!!