Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jan makes so far

At the new year I decided to do some knitting and knitted up this cowl with some lovely green chunky wool I had. But it looked abit plain so I added some red felt flowers and buttons to cheer it up..

Now when I'm on the beach with Daisy I'll keep lovely and cosy instead of my scarf flying off all the time..

I have a long list of cards to make for special birthdays this year, starting with my youngest daughters fella who turns 30 in next month. He's a keen fisherman and this is what I've done so far its AWIP..

G's cousin turns 60 so his mum asked me to make her a card, now I need to make her one from us as well..

I have been doing some patchwork with the honey buns I bought last year. These are made from the remains of the roll I used to make the beach bag for the flower show last year ..
Pin cushions and a little needlecase (although I stitched pins on it as I couldn't be arsed to stitch needles)

I have also just finished a lovely patchwork cushion but forgot to take a photo so will show tomorrow. Now better go and do something domestic like cook tea and iron G's shirt before he goes to work...



Dazie said...

OOooo lovely makes I sooo wish I could make gorgeous goodies like this! Love the cowl its a great idea especially in this horrible windy weather, Pinky takes one look at the wind and rain and opts to stay in lol

Catch you soon


fabriquefantastique said...

your knitting is off to a good start this year...better than mine. good luck with the shows and keep us informed.

Kandi said...

You have been a busy bee! I love that cowl thats a fab idea I'm always trailing my scarves on the ground. The pin cushions are just sweet, they must have been really fiddly.
Kandi x

Em said...

Lovely makes!!
I'm glad to see you get the 'CBA's' too (can't be arsed) I was worried I was the only one who suffered from them amongst such busy bloggy company.
Em xxxxx


First I love the pincushions,
Second you have won my bias biding giveaway!
Email me
with details, address, if you want 1m of each or 6m of one etc.
I have amso put a pic of your pincushions on my blog, hope you dont mind.
Happy weekend. K